Membrane Pressing

Vinyl/Kydex Membrane Pressing Services

R&R fabrications has decades of experience in membrane pressing for various industries. With a full suite of capabilities including cut-to-size, board layup, routing and more, manufacturing vinyl membrane pressed parts from start to finish is a core competency of R&R Fabrications. With membrane press technology, we are able to achieve a smooth finish on wood component parts including shapes and contours. The end result is a seamless, vinyl wrapped board.

We run thousands of store fixtures, door fronts, shelves and more each week. Our processes include the best materials and practices to ensure that our boards are evenly coated with superior glues and processed to ensure the smoothest finish on virtually any shape board.

R&R Fabrications has decades of experience with Kydex and Vinyl membrane pressed products.

  • Wemhoner membrane presses for efficient and timely production, capable of applying many vinyls & materials
  • Experience pressing door & drawer fronts, cabinets, food service trays, store fixtures, and custom projects
  • Parts ranging from 48″ wide and 110″ long and up to 1-1/2″ thick are pressed with ease